Kahere Retreat


Integration with Smoobu Accommodation rental software

We had the privilege of working with Kahere Retreat, an extraordinary eco stay nestled in the breathtaking Glacier Country on the West Coast of NZ. Our task was to create a brand new website that would capture the essence of this unique retreat and showcase its stunning chalets.

Immersed in the pristine beauty of the surrounding nature, Kahere Retreat offers a truly unforgettable experience for eco-conscious travelers seeking tranquility and connection with the environment. With this in mind, we designed a website that mirrored the retreat’s ethos, emphasizing sustainability, serenity, and the magic of the natural surroundings.

Through captivating imagery and thoughtful design elements, we aimed to transport visitors into the world of Kahere Retreat. Each chalet was showcased with meticulous attention to detail, highlighting their distinct features and harmonious integration with the stunning landscape.