About Us


We are an energised duo that loves getting small creative businesses humming online. We craft fresh modern websites and super social strategies that help small brands punch far above their weight. With every project, we try to do something a little bit different. Something that makes the competition ask “why can’t my website/brand/socials look like that?“.

So who are we?

We are Hayley + Chris a creative couple based in a small coastal town called Hokitika in New Zealand. We have a complementary skill set that is super handy when working together on projects. We have worked with many different clients over the years and have figured out who we work best with. Small creative businesses. That means photographers, jewellery makers, yoga instructors, artists etc. (Anything creative – we are all about it!!)

Why do we work best for this type of business? Because we are a small creative business ourselves. We know the struggles that you have and how to solve them. We know what scares you and what excites you. Best of all we know how to make sure your business makes a big impact online.

We also love to push people through their limiting tech boundaries. We help them to optimise and organise their routines/systems/processes in order to be their best selfs and most productive. We have tried and tested heaps of tools and services and share our knowledge/tips/tricks via our blog and social media.

You will usually find us working on computers at home with our energetic intern Evie (well she is actually our black labrador but, she is very helpful). 


I’m an obsessive self-taught coder (not obsessive in a weird way). That just means I like to figure things out and I don’t stop working until I do. I studied for a bachelor degree in Music (not overly useful for coding) and have taught guitar for many years. However, over the last few years, I realised where my passion really is and that is in web development. I love to build things with code and I am always finding better ways of doing things.

I live in the town I grew up in because it is an awesome place to be. We have beaches, lakes, mountains and glaciers all within a short distance. While it doesn’t quite have the choice of cafes, restaurants and nightlife that you’d get in a city, there is more than enough to keep me entertained (plus we have high-speed fibre internet!!). 


Years ago I dreamed of having my own business, but I never thought I’d find my calling through web design. I studied a bachelor of design after high school and got a broad education in the design world that allowed me to dip my toes into all areas that inspired me. I apply this knowledge to everything I craft today.

I love helping other small business owners fulfil their true passion through the opportunities the online business world has to offer.

When I’m not working one to one with my amazingly talented customers, you will find me creating art prints of animals and nature for my other business Haze Road.

Our other projects

We love creating new projects and collaborating with other West Coast based businesses. You can learn about some of our other projects below.

  • Haze Road – Here you can browse and purchase Hayley’s collection of hand-drawn art prints.
  • Experience West Coast – Coming very soon!
  • Coded  Coding Collab with Chris Thompson & Craig Walker

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