I think you’ll agree with me when I say that Divi is one of the best WordPress themes out there.

It is jam-packed full of all the tools you need to make a modern, responsive website. Like every theme, it does have a few flaws. The guys and gals at Elegant themes are always trying to fix these though. However, it came to my attention recently that there was a problem.

A few weeks back I was starting a new project. I’d installed a copy of WordPress running Divi on my local machine. All was good. Until I tried to create a page. Things were a bit sluggish. The builder was taking its time to load, the page was slow to update. On an empty site it should be lightning but it wasn’t.

I opened up the inspector only to notice there was a javascript error. Turns out that Google Maps was being called without an API.

That’s weird I thought, I hadn’t used anything that would be trying to call Google Maps.

Then I remembered that Divi has a built-in option for enqueueing Google Maps. So I headed over to the theme options and what do you know, enqueue google maps was turned on.

Now the problem isn’t that Enqueue Google Maps is on, it’s that it is turned on without having an API key entered.

After switching it off and saving the settings, I headed back over to my pages. Tried updating again and…. LIGHTNING FAST!!!!

I wrote this off as being some weird anomaly but have since come to notice that it is turned on by default when you install Divi.

My recommendation is that unless you intend on adding your Google Maps API key from the start of your project, head over to theme options and turn that sucker off until you’re ready to use it.